Every Kind of People

by Toby Lightman

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released October 27, 2014

Produced & Mixed by Curt Schneider


all rights reserved



Toby Lightman New York, New York


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Track Name: Every Kind of People
By T. Lightman, K. Ottestad, C. Schneider

I can walk for miles upon these city streets
and feel the rush from the subway breeze
and all the beautiful faces that i see
all strangers

i wonder if they think about what they do
are they like me, i guess it must be true
we're in the same game, me and you
in the same game

Every kind of people
i don't wanna live so i can survive
every kind of people
what i wouldn't give not to just get by
every kind of people
in the same world, living different lives

we all got bills to pay, we got mouths to feed
not what we want, we hope for what we need
we all laugh and cry for the same old reasons
and yeah we all move too fast

don't stop dreaming away
don't stop for better days
don't stop, they're coming, yeah they're coming
for now, we got enough to make it
whatever it is, i'll take it
Track Name: Running From Love
By T. Lightman

i was down under, hiding all too well
when you came crashing through my broken shell
always fear a love like you, so i know what i gotta do

showing no graces when i start to run
stumbling backwards is what i've become
don't need no helping hand, only ashes for what was a man

held my heart, held my soul, you held me back and won't let go
held my breath, held my tongue, as i turned away my only one

running from love
And i can't breath

pain's unfolding deep inside my chest
where my heart's racing where it used to rest
how bad i want that kiss, but i know i can't take that risk

held my heart, held my soul, you held me back wouldn't let go
so i clawed my way towards the sun as i turned away my only one


should it end today
put my fears away
i can't live this way

don't wanna be alone
cause running on my own
is making me tired
so tired of running from love
Track Name: My Love and Me

i looked away
cause i knew what you wanted to say
on that first encounter
minding my heart
focusing on the straight line
never turning left or right

then the walls came down
spun me around
and you held your ground

and when you came in close, never looked away
knew you wouldn’t let go. you said it to my face
You get my love
and i could feel my heart beat in my chest
as you promised me the world never anything less
You get my love

head down, tongue tied
there isn’t a word i could use
to let you know i feel that feeling
shivers on my skin
now you can see with your eyes
my heart is right there next to you

then the walls came down
spun me around
and you held your ground

nothing more to say when you say what you say
nothing more to to want when i got what i want
nothing more to take when you give what you give
giving you my love when you love like you’re loving me
Track Name: Hangin' out to Dry
By T. Lightman, K. Ottestad, C. Schneider

you got your wayfarers on
can't see past the shades
dragging your heels so slow
Am i getting in your way?

Don't you want my heart
Why you wanna leave me in the dark

Tell me what you're feeling
cause i'm barely dealing
don't leave me hanging for your love,hanging
baby why you stalling
don't be scared of falling
don't leave me hanging for your love
hanging out here to dry

You turn your headphones loud
when i'm screaming out the words
You're backin in to the crowd
everything hurts

Don't you want my heart
Why you wanna leave me in the dark

tried and tried
to let you know
why oh why won't you let go
Tell me where we are
Track Name: Your Welcome
By T. Lightman

thought you were pulling all the wool over my eyes
thought you covered up your trail with a pack of lies
thought you could handle my heart and betray it too
guess we're learning quite a lot about me and you

always blaming me
that i drove you to it
Now it's plain to see

it was you who done wrong
you who led me on
i'm leaving you baby, you're driving me crazy
you who ran around
all over town
AND you who went and wore your welcome out

Funny how all your dirty tables have turned
For the man who played with fire was the one getting burned
You should think more than twice for the next I suppose
cause you're not welcome here this house is closed

how'd we come to this
we've reached the ending
no more loving kiss

Why, why, why no more you and i
oh, oh, oh how was i to know
you yeah you would act like you do
Why, why, why you made me cry
Oh, Oh, Oh you sunk so low
You, Yeah You it comes back to you
Track Name: Whatever Happened
By T. Lightman, C. Schneider

Oh these times are hard
Feeling under par
Roaming round the city
Feeling oh so pretty
It all remains the same
These things we wanna change
Will it all fall under
Guess We'll always wonder

Whatever happened to
Waiting on a star to fade
Believing in the wish you made
Whatever happened to
That long lost red balloon
And The man thats on the moon
Whatever happened to you

Me and my telephone
We're never too far from home
In our own little bubble
technicolor rubble
So where do i wanna be
Who's the real me
trying hard to be witty
Feeling so damn pretty


Clinging to a four leaf clover
Climbing up the moon so i can see
That I don't need to do it over
I just want to hold the memory
Along with that innocence that i used to be
Don't you

The times you were really scared
By a ghost that was never there
Track Name: When You Ran
By T. Lightman

a choice of, placement
standing tall like a wall to the pavement
love shown, Mud thrown
wrong place, wrong time, guess i should have known

we wanted the same thing, How?
can we be the same thing, How?
how do i get over

when you ran
behind the words that you say
when you ran
You threw our love out of the way

regret was said, but a heart broke
too hard to repair when the air's so cold
no take back, only black
and blue from a battle, yeah it felt like that

we wanted the same thing, How?
can we be the same thing, How?
how do i get over


oh and every day i've replayed all the hurtful things you said
like a broken record in my head
while you sleep soundly in our bed, in our bed
you ran
like a child and hid behind the words you spit in my face
how easily you're in that space
soon enough you'll push away love you can't replace

Oh, I've touched the flame, now the fires burning lower
I've felt the pain, Now the water's pouring over
and all that hurt and all those tears
all that was wrong
Has only made me stronger
Track Name: Bumps in the Road
By T. Lightman

I will wait for you
i don't care if there's work to do
when dust settles down, there'll be love all around
so i will wait for you

come here and take my hand
cause i'm building us a brand new plan
if we gotta jump from this train in the pouring rain
are you ready? i know i am

Sometimes life moves way too fast
no more Running away With nothing to say
I know you can't live this life in the past
are you ready?

cause i'm taking this weight and tearing it down
throwing it off the tracks, there's no looking back on that now
it's just you and i
we don't have to go it alone over these bumps in the road

i know that change is hard
and it's tough when you take down your guard
you gotta look at yourself before you love someone else
it's a fair game of playing your cards

Sometimes life moves way too fast
no more stepping aside With tears in our eyes
I know you can't live this life in the past
are you ready?
Track Name: Brand Spankin' New
By T. Lightman, J. Trott, C. Engelhardt

thought you checked out
Thought you moved away
Blessed another town
Never to come around
that was yesterday

Now you're back on the scene
Thinking i didn't know
Ive been watching from afar
Following in my car
Everywhere that you go

Show me, show me, Show me what you got, what you got
You know i know you know you're looking hot looking hot
Brand spankin new With nothing to prove, hey hey
show me, show me, what you got, what you got
Don't ya, don't ya, don't ya ever stop ever stop
Brand spankin new With nothing to prove, hey hey

See you on the streets
With your head held high
Got an attitude
And it suits you
Yeah it suits you

You think you're love don't stink
Think you're the new king bee
Wanna leave a mark
Wanna break a heart
You don't fool me

I see behind those shades is still a little boy
If you take away the hat and all those fancy toys
But if thats the choice you made
Walking in your own parade
Track Name: Slowly
Feel the weight wash away from your shoulders
Drink the day cause the darkness is over
Silence in your head, eyes no longer red
Despair thrown out with the water
Distant are the cries getting softer
Cold is where you've been, no more shivering
It's all erasing

Wounds will fade and blood with flow
No longer wrapped in the hurt
Hearts will heal and love will grow
You know you're only gonna get there slowly

Dreams take, takin over the nightmare
Warm breeze pushing out all the cold air
Now you're looking up, no longer thinking of
how you've been holding your heart like a time bomb
Not knowing where you're going or where you belong
Close your eyes and breath, cause what you are to me is
so amazing
And when the light comes crashing in
and the chills cover your skin
Cm Gm F
Let the pain open your eyes, Don't fear the sound
As you step out of the dark
The humble beauty that you are
Leaving behind only your broken heart
Track Name: How Do You
By T. Lightman, M. Wilder

Getting tangled up in my little web of worry
And you’re just sitting there, with no care in the world
I know you got to see when trouble’s coming
Show me a way around and help this little girl

Cause I’m broken and I’m beaten
And I’m needin’ a better way
Through the hard times, the low times
Show me a better way

How do you, roll with the thunder
How do you, fall with all that rain
How do you, rise above the water
How do you, ride on that, ride on that wave

Problem won’t let go and sleep don’t come so easy
While you’re resting, dreaming there on a cloud
Even though I know, the ending to this story
I just can’t stop myself from worryin’ out loud

Cause I’m hurtin and I’m searchin
And I’m needin a better way
I can’t stand it, I can’t help it
Show me a better way

Trouble don’t come today
Track Name: Talking Too

wake from, no sleep
feeling nothing, incomplete
black days. black nights
while the stars up in the sky shine

so lost, can't shake it
they can try but no one can break in
how far, how long
will you go til you're gone

hey, you're good enough
hey, stand straight, chin up
hey, i'm talking to you
but i'm the one who needs talking too

go out, go home
all surrounded, all alone
do they know. do they care
will they look for you anywhere

okay, you found me out
okay, i'm filled with doubt
me, i'm pointing at you
but i'm the one who needs talking too

Everything I don't know circles around me
Everything i let go haunts me
I run away to roam
i run away to roam
I run away to roam
take me home

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