Let Go

by Toby Lightman

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released October 28, 2008

All Vocals: Toby Lightman
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Toby Lightman and Boots Ottestad
Bass: Boots Ottestad
Drums: Joe "Coach" Hanna
Programming: Toby Lightman and Boots Ottestad
Violins: Toby Lightman
Mixed: Boots Ottestad
Mastered: Scott Hull
Produced: Boots Ottestad


all rights reserved



Toby Lightman New York, New York

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Track Name: So Natural
blue eyes over me, they lay me down
with a smile that lets me know that, i've been found
lazy river floating, carry me
only, say my name and i believe

hold me, closer til i can't tell us apart
i can't erase you when you're written in my heart
there's no beginning, there'll be no end

you're like an old pair of jeans, cling tight on my
come apart at the seams for the love on your lips
i can taste you getting sweeter with every sip
you're so natural to love

warm and tender like an august breeze
blowing, butterfly kisses on the back of my knees

oh sweet shivers down my spine, all that i can do
is lay back and just, take in all of you
there's no beginning, there'll be no end


all i know, is what you do to me is
all i need, cause when you're here with me it
goes to show
that you're so natural to love
Track Name: Let Go
Why you leavin in the dark
Unless you wanna break my heart
Might be better in the day
So I can watch you walk away

A little bit of love goes a long long way
And you can’t leave til I get a little bit of love then you’re on your way

So I won’t let go, let go til it’s time
I won’t let go, let go til you’re mine
Once I get my hands on you, there ain’t nothing you can do
So I won’t let go, let go til you’re mine

Hearts are broken all the time
I won’t let you damage mine
So with some fresh paint and some glue
I’ll make a brand new heart for you

A little bit of love goes a long long way
I know you’ll leave me
My heart can’t take another bad day


I see your eyes looking for the back door
wonder if you’re ever gonna come back for more
Baby no, this ain’t me all the time
It’s just been way too long
Tired of hearing my heart sing a sad song
Things are looking up since you came along, I know it’s wrong
Track Name: Fairweather Boyfriend
Am I just a flame in your fire
That only keeps you warm when you desire, it
Am I just a fool in the end
Someone that you know you can depend on
Am I just a photo in a frame
Waiting on you to look my way
say it ain’t so, but everybody knows
you’ve always been cold as a fair weather boyfriend

Oh, It’s three o’clock in the morning, my cell phone’s pouring your number
You’re calling, you wanna come over
Am I your, one and only, or is it that you’re feeling lonely
Ain’t playing red rover, so stop coming me over

But, It’s so hard to say no to you
Boy, if I only knew

Oh, It’s six o’clock in the morning, and I’m crying on your cold shoulder
Is it easy, to love me then leave me
Oh, so you turn off the night with a switch of the light, it’s blinding
I’m always, always finding

It’s so hard, wo, it’s so hard
And I know you know
That, I fall apart, every time
And I know you know
Track Name: Lazy
Hot summer night in the city, it’s really no place to be
Taxicabs, running the red lights and buildings blocking out the breeze

forget about the world outside our windowpane
I pity all the suckers as they try

Let’s get lazy, lazy, lay down beside me
Maybe, maybe, we’ll lay through the night
I can’t hold onto time but I can hold onto you
We’ll sing lazy, lullabies til the skies turn blue

Let’s close the door to the outside and don’t you let the, city in
Throw off the blankets, kill all the lights and pour me some ice over gin

Pull down all the blinds, so we can hide away
Sing a lullaby for you and i


Turn off, that damn alarm cause, you ain’t going anywhere
Let’s order in, pretend it’s the weekend, it’s not like anybody cares

forget about the world outside our windowpane
I pity all the suckers as they try

Track Name: Milk and Honey
He had big brown eyes
Beautiful lies
And a smile to keep me warm for days
But he always made me chase him around in his maze

I had to get up, get out, get off this ride
I had to get away
I always knew deep down, he wasn’t right for me

I wanna find a beautiful mind
So perfectly, packaged for me
Tailor made like a little girl’s dream

I want milk and honey
I want love and money
I only want cake if I can eat it too, then wash it all down with a man that’s true
Milk and honey

Flash back to another man
Stuck in the palm of my hand
I tried to spice him up, but he always came out bland

If he’d a stood up, spoke out, took a chance on life enough to make me care
Maybe we’d still be making out somewhere

I wanna find a beautiful mind
So perfectly, packaged for me
Tailor made like a little girl’s dream


I’m not gonna sit here and wait
No time to waste
I’m gonna get my milk and honey
Track Name: I'm Gonna Break His Heart
i drank the water then i drove my baby home
didn't know where we were going
didn't know where, i was coming from
i turned a corner in the rain
the wheels started spinning fast
sliding all over the road
good thing nobody’s here to know

don't think i'm looking for trouble
but i'll do anything, to feel one more beat

i'm gonna break his heart
to save mine
i'm gonna break his heart
to save mine

he read about me in the paper, he knew that he'd be next
i didn't bother to call, but had the courtesy to send a text
he started running through the night, but my headlight's were too strong
i said " baby where you think you're going" with a face so long

don't think you can run out on trouble
cause i'll do anything to feel one more beat

i'm gonna break his heart
to save mine
i'm gonna break his heart
to save mine

oh i can't sleep alone
is there any love for me
does anybody know
how to do it differently
should i keep breaking hearts

so i'll keep breaking hearts

Track Name: Take My Hand
There are days when your nights are long, you don’t belong, and your hands are tied up
There are times when down and out, you scream and shout cause your tears are dried up
you don’t know why, no you don’t know why
when you feel like feeling, but you can’t feel anything, cause your soul gone left you
so you steal what you can’t find in your life anywhere cause the world’s out to get you
you don’t know why, no you don’t know why

Take my hand, I’ll lead you home
When you can’t see where the road leads
Take my hand, you’re gonna be ok
Cause tomorrow is another day, another day

I can tell you about the times I’ve had, when bad was bad, and all I was, was broken
When you saw me sinking low, don’t you know, it was your hand I was holding
you pulled me through, when I needed you


Cause tomorrow
Is another day

You’re gonna be fine
You know you’re gonna be fine
It’s all gonna be alright

Track Name: One Day
One day
We’ll be one
One day
We’ll be one

Imagine a world where everyone’s the same
Same height, same hair, same thoughts, same things to care, about
Would that make the world more beautiful, no, no
Would it stop the wars, would it teach us more, about life


Imagine a world where there was one belief
To love one another, be thankful for what we’re, given
What if trust was floating in the air, everywhere
For the people to feel, would the leaders steal it again


Feel it in your soul
Say what you wanna say
Don’t be blind to the world
Don’t you look the other way
Cause we’re running out of time
There’s too much to be done
will it be on your mind
when a billion turns to one, one day

I don’t wanna be
Just wasting away
Without nothing to day
Not another day
Goes by, when I don’t
Imagine a world
Where trust would float up in the air
Think we all could use
Something to believe
An Idea to conceive
What a world, we’d be
Gotta understand
Give it all that I am
Gotta know that I can
Track Name: Love Is All Around
The look in his eyes
Tells me, just how I oughta look at the world
So innocent, so easy to print on the face of paper doll
While holding his hand
Shows me, fair skin, now I know what’s really happening
With all of the trees, and all of their leaves, they’ll never look the same again

Cause I, I know that
Love is all around

The dream on his face
Let’s me know the stars glow
even when the light doesn’t show
the difference between, who’s nice and who’s mean
well we don’t really care for them
While, I was walking a fine line, on my time
stubborn cause that’s what my sign tells me
I can be, then he found me, I’ll never be the same again


Eyes, Look at the world
For the first time
Through his blue


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